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Best Summer Bars in Buenos Aires

Summer is an interesting season in Buenos Aires. As a reminder, here in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are the opposite as in the North. During January Buenos Aires feels like a different city, with a huge percentage of the population away on vacation or taking time off of work. Towards the end of January […]

Best Beer in Buenos Aires

01 Dec 2014 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is famous for its great wine, but you might be surprised that since 2001 Argentines have actually consumed more beer per capita than wine. The country has a long beer making history since many of the immigrants that populated Argentina came from countries famous for beer such as Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Ireland. An […]

6 Reasons you must visit Buenos Aires now!

Buenos Aires is an amazing city and is unlike any other. I never think it’s fair to say it is the “Paris of South America,” because in my opinion it’s far more dynamic, young and creative than Paris, and really has its own strong personality. If you’ve never had the chance to visit Buenos Aires, […]

Provoleta: Argentina’s Delicious Grilled Cheese

28 Jul 2014 / in Argentine Cuisine

  One of the foods we always try on our parrilla food tours in Buenos Aires is Provoleta.  While technically Provoleta is a trademarked brand name, it has become a generic name for the dish.  Basically it is barbecued provolone cheese, but the secret is in the preparation, requiring years of experience to do correctly. […]

The Bares Notables of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is unique within Latin America with its grand boulevards, stunning European style architecture and lush parks and plazas.  Buenos Aires is very proud of its history and heritage, and is careful to preserve it.  A great example are the 73 Bares Notables, historic cafes given landmark status by the city government.  These cafes, […]

Winter in Buenos Aires

26 May 2014 / in Argentine Culture

While summer is just starting in the Northern Hemisphere, here in Buenos Aires winter is upon us!  A common question asked by our food tour clients is what the winter is like in the city.  It’s all relative, but for me it’s extremely pleasant.  Buenos Aires is not a tropical city, so it does get […]

The Best Chivito in Colonia, Uruguay

If you take a side-trip from Argentina to Uruguay, a must try food is the chivito sandwich, the national dish of Uruguay.  The sandwich is made up of a thin piece of steak, cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise, ham, a fried egg and often other ingredients including roasted peppers, olives, criolla sauce and mushrooms.  To make it […]

Parrilla Tour featured in Get Lost Magazine

30 Mar 2014 / in Press

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Where to find the best coffee in Buenos Aires

18 Mar 2014 / in buenos aires restaurants

Buenos Aires is famous for its café culture.  Cafes here are full all day long with Porteños catching up with friends over a coffee and maybe a few medialunas.  The peak hour in cafes is in the late afternoon when people typically have a merienda, a small snack often consisting of coffee or tea and […]

Best Pasta Restaurants in Buenos Aires

05 Feb 2014 / in buenos aires restaurants

As we’ve previously written about, Argentina is highly influenced by Italy.  A huge percentage of the population are descendants of Italian immigrants, and the food, culture, language and traditions are proof of this.  A few months ago we told you about some of our favorite Italian restaurants in Buenos Aires, but here is a list […]