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The Gaucho Inside Every Argentine

13 May 2013 / in Argentine Culture

A part of Argentine culture that I love and have never seen so universally in other countries is their love of the campo, the countryside.  Porteños, residents of Buenos Aires, are similar to residents of any large metropolis in that their lives are stressful and busy, but while the city is incredible in that it […]

The Best Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to stay in

06 May 2013 / in Argentina Tourism

One of my favorite things about Buenos Aires is that the city has so many unique neighborhoods (barrios), each with its own style and vibe.  Officially the city has 48 separate neighborhoods, with the largest in size and population being the ever-popular Palermo, and the smallest being the oldest part of the city, San Telmo.  […]

Things to do in the morning in Buenos Aires

02 May 2013 / in Argentina Tourism

One of the most common comments about Buenos Aires we get from clients on our food tour is how surprised they are about how nocturnal the city is, especially during the weekends!  Without a doubt the city does get going later than many North American or European cities, leaving early risers wondering what they can […]

Top Souvenirs from Argentina for Food Lovers

As cliché as it sounds, we would agree that the best souvenir from any trip is good memories and a fun time, however sometimes it’s nice to bring home something meaningful to remember the trip or to give to friends and family.  Since Buenos Aires has a rich food and wine culture there are several […]

The Best Wine Bars in Buenos Aires

Besides being known for its great steak, tango, and soccer, Argentina is famous worldwide for producing wonderful wine, especially Malbec.  A great treat in the country, is that wine in restaurants and bars doesn’t have the markup that you find in many parts of the world, making it easy to taste a variety of wines […]

Best Ice Cream Flavors in Argentina!

09 Apr 2013 / in Argentine Cuisine

Someone recently asked my favorite things in Argentina, and one that instantly came to mind was its ice cream, or helado in Spanish.  The blend of Italian immigrants bringing their tradition of making gelato and high quality and creamy milk combine to make arguably the best ice cream in the world, putting it on the […]

Tigre: A fun and relaxing daytrip from Buenos Aires

11 Mar 2013 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Buenos Aires is an incredible city, full of great culture, dining, museums, shopping, and nightlife.  Like any big city though, it can get a bit chaotic and loud at times, which is why many of our clients on our food tours decide to take a side trip or two to escape it’s quilombo (local slang […]

Our picks for the best hotels in Buenos Aires

04 Mar 2013 / in Argentina Tourism

Choosing accommodations in a city can be difficult if you’re not familiar with it.  Buenos Aires is an enormous city and has a huge range of hotels for all budgets, tastes, and locations you might want.  Many hotels in Buenos Aires are located in the microcentro (downtown) area of the city, but the Parrilla Tour […]

The Empanadas of Argentina

16 Feb 2013 / in Argentine Cuisine

Empanadas are a classic food of Argentina, and are one of the foods we introduce our clients to on our food tours in Buenos Aires.  They’re served at almost any type of gathering; asados, dinners, parties, while watching soccer games, or as a meal in itself.  Argentine empanadas are most commonly baked in an oven, […]

Announcing Private and Custom Parrilla Tours!

17 Jan 2013 / in Argentina Tourism, Press

By popular request we’ve recently begun offering private food tours of Buenos Aires!  While most people love our small group tours since they are a lot of fun and very social, on occasion some people want extra personal attention or a customized route.  Luckily, we can now accommodate this!             […]