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Matambre de Cerdo – A cut of pork that gives beef a run for its money!

18 Jul 2012 / in Argentine Cuisine

Most people relate beef to Argentina and parrillas, but personally I almost prefer the pork here because it is so flavorful and has a great distribution of fat.  During the Parrilla Tour in Buenos Aires we often try the cut of pork called Matambre de Cerdo.  The English translation is pork flank steak, but after […]

Fernet Branca – A mysterious Argentine Liquor

Recently I was invited to spend a day at the Fernet Branca factory just outside Buenos Aires by the Product Manager to do research for an article on it I’m writing for a U.S. publication.  Though largely unknown outside of Argentina, Fernet, a dark colored liquor originally from Italy, is the 3rd most popular alcoholic […]

The best of the Buenos Aires Activity Listings

03 Jul 2012 / in Argentina Tourism

One of the reasons I love living in Buenos Aires so much is the incredible number of activities and cultural events that happen year round; many of which are free or very inexpensive.  The cultural offerings in this city can compete with any city in the world.  When I want to know what’s going on […]

Grocery Shopping in Buenos Aires

28 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

If you visit Buenos Aires for more than a few days you’re probably going to want to cook a meal instead of eating out at some point, so you’re going to have to visit a grocery store to purchase ingredients.  Personally, something I love doing in any country I visit, even if I’m not cooking, […]

Parrilla Tour featured on NOLAchef

25 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

We were thrilled to recently have the New Orleans based chef and food journalist behind the blog NOLAchef attend one of our food tours in Buenos Aires and write an article about it.  She described the tour as “delicious, filling, exciting, intimate” and “All in all, a fabulous way to learn about the local food […]

Where’s the check? – Differences in going to restaurants in Argentina

Every tourist that comes to Buenos Aires will eventually eat at a café or restaurant in the city.  There are a few differences, both procedural and culturally, between restaurants in my home country, the United States, and Argentina that are helpful to know however. 1)    Please don’t wait to be seated – You know that […]

Best Restaurants in Buenos Aires – Two that won’t let you down

23 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

On our parrilla focused food tours here in Buenos Aires participants often ask us what the best restaurants in the city are outside of the parrilla category.  Since I’m very interested in eating well, I make a point of trying out new restaurants regularly.  The thing about the culinary scene here, is that compared to […]

Traditional Foods of Argentina – Empanadas

17 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

Besides steak, one of the most traditional Argentine foods is empanadas.  Almost every country in Latin America has their own version of the emapanda.  In other parts of the world, similar filled pastry dough foods are called samosas in India or calzones in Italy.  The tradition of making empanadas came to Argentina with Spanish immigrants, […]

How to order beef and steak in Argentina

07 Jun 2012 / in Uncategorized

Obviously Argentina is famous for its beef and most people that visit are anxious to try it.  Before getting to a parrilla, which translates to steakhouse in English, it’s important to know the cuts of beef available and how to order the one you want, how you want it.  On our Buenos Aires food tour […]

What is the “best” Parrilla (steakhouse) in Buenos Aires?

On our Buenos Aires food tours of parrillas (steakhouses) this is one most common questions we get.  Many people think it’s an easy question and we’ll immediately say that such and such parrilla is by far the best.  The truth is though; it’s not that easy since there is a variety of categories of them […]