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El Pinguinito, a part of Argentina’s wine history

06 Jun 2019 / in Argentine Culture

These peculiar ceramic penguins which visitors to Buenos Aires often see in restaurants across the city have been used by Argentines now for almost a century. The origin of the “Penguin” is believed to have arrived with the mass Italian immigration on the 1930’s along with a boom in the local production of wine and […]

Best Souvenirs from a trip to Argentina

02 May 2019 / in Argentine Culture

Bringing something home from a trip is a nice way to remember it.  The best souvenirs are objects that are truly special and unique to a country and that you can enjoy, like food and wine!  Here are some ideas from the Parrilla Tour team: Dulce de leche sauce – You are starting to see […]

Merienda: Argentina’s secret to surviving until dinnertime

  There’s hardly ever a food tour of ours where a guest doesn’t mention how surprised they are by how late dinnertime is in Argentina. Most restaurants in Buenos Aires do not open until 8 pm at the earliest, and it’s not uncommon to begin dinner as late as 10 or 11 pm. So the […]

6 Reasons you must visit Buenos Aires now!

Buenos Aires is an amazing city and is unlike any other. I never think it’s fair to say it is the “Paris of South America,” because in my opinion it’s far more dynamic, young and creative than Paris, and really has its own strong personality. If you’ve never had the chance to visit Buenos Aires, […]

The Bares Notables of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is unique within Latin America with its grand boulevards, stunning European style architecture and lush parks and plazas.  Buenos Aires is very proud of its history and heritage, and is careful to preserve it.  A great example are the 73 Bares Notables, historic cafes given landmark status by the city government.  These cafes, […]

Winter in Buenos Aires

26 May 2014 / in Argentine Culture

While summer is just starting in the Northern Hemisphere, here in Buenos Aires winter is upon us!  A common question asked by our food tour clients is what the winter is like in the city.  It’s all relative, but for me it’s extremely pleasant.  Buenos Aires is not a tropical city, so it does get […]

Where to Try Mate in Buenos Aires

Mate (pronounced ma-tay) is a traditional drink of Argentina.  It is an herbal infusion that tastes most similar to bitter green tea.  If you visit Buenos Aires you will most likely see people walking around with thermoses full of hot water and a mate, the cup you use to drink the tea from.  Clients on […]

Top 5 Buenos Aires Surprises

Many of our food tour clients are visiting Buenos Aires for their first time, and are surprised about certain parts of the city when they arrive.  Luckily most visitors fall in love with Buenos Aires and are already planning their return before they leave, but here are the top 5 surprises about Buenos Aires we […]

Must try foods of Argentina

Increasingly Buenos Aires is becoming a destination for food and wine lovers around the world.  Recently 15 Argentine restaurants were named in a list of the 50 best restaurants in Latin America.  Here’s a list of some traditional Argentine dishes you have to try when you visit Argentina. We eat many of these on our […]

The Gaucho Inside Every Argentine

13 May 2013 / in Argentine Culture

A part of Argentine culture that I love and have never seen so universally in other countries is their love of the campo, the countryside.  Porteños, residents of Buenos Aires, are similar to residents of any large metropolis in that their lives are stressful and busy, but while the city is incredible in that it […]