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Top Cocktail Bars in Buenos Aires

As in much of the world, cocktail bars have become popular in Buenos Aires in the past few years.  Historically the country has mainly stuck to drinking wine, beer or the basic cocktail of Fernet and coke, all of which pair well with a good steak.  Buenos Aires is however a perfect city for enjoying […]

The Best Italian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

01 Jul 2013 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is a country made up of immigrants, largely from Italy and Spain.  Almost the instant you get off your plane you will notice this in the appearance and actions of Argentines.  This cultural heritage is heavily reflected in the cuisine of Argentina.  Besides being able to get one of the best steaks in the […]

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires

24 May 2013 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is a country made up of European immigrants, mainly from Italy and Spain.  The food of Argentina is highly influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisine, so besides great steak, you’ll find wonderful pasta, tapas and pizza that were brought here by the immigrants.  A recent newspaper article reported that Buenos Aires actually has an […]

The Best Wine Bars in Buenos Aires

Besides being known for its great steak, tango, and soccer, Argentina is famous worldwide for producing wonderful wine, especially Malbec.  A great treat in the country, is that wine in restaurants and bars doesn’t have the markup that you find in many parts of the world, making it easy to taste a variety of wines […]

Best Puerta Cerrada (closed door) Restaurants in Buenos Aires

22 Dec 2012 / in buenos aires restaurants

Besides wanting to visit authentic parrillas to eat a great steak, many people on our food tours here in Buenos Aires want to eat at a puerta cerrada (closed door restaurant in English) during their visit.  Seemingly everyday a new one opens in the city.  Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve had mixed results […]

Making Restaurant Reservations in Buenos Aires

Porteños love to eat out.  It is seen as yet another reason to socialize and enjoy life.  A result of all of this eating out is that good restaurants are packed almost any day of the week, not just during the weekends, and getting a table can become frustratingly difficult.  For this reason I usually […]

Street Food in Buenos Aires

Unlike many parts of the world, Argentina does not have much in the ways of a street food culture.  Dining in Argentina is much more about sitting down, relaxing, and taking a break than eating on the go.  Also, most of the country’s traditional foods are such that they don’t lend themselves to eating without […]

They do more than meat! Traditional Parrilla Desserts

Argentines have a huge sweet tooth and have dessert with meals far more than I ever did growing up in the United States.  Cookies, cakes, and pastries are ever present in the Argentine diet.  At traditional parrillas there are a few classic dessert options. Panqueques con dulce de leche – Dulce de leche is everywhere […]

What’s the Difference Between an Asado and a Parrilla?

If you talk about Argentine cuisine, two words that you will hear used quite frequently are parrilla and asado.  If it’s someone’s first time in the country the difference between the terms can be a little confusing initially, but they do have unique meanings. Asado – Probably the most traditional Argentine custom is the asado.  […]

Review of NOLA Buenos Aires – An Exciting New Puerta Cerrada in BA

06 Aug 2012 / in buenos aires restaurants

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to eat at NOLA Buenos Aires, a new puerta cerrada in the city that I’ve been looking forward to trying for quite some time.  The restaurant specializes in New Orleans style Creole food, so the menu is influenced by French, Spanish, and Caribbean cuisine with a Porteño touch. […]