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Ordering Coffee and the Best Cafes in Buenos Aires

One of the reasons I love Buenos Aires is the café culture that exists in the city.  It’s very traditional to meet a friend for coffee and a snack in the afternoon for merienda, similar to English concept of teatime, or just to go to a café to work, where unlike in many parts of […]

Where’s the check? – Differences in going to restaurants in Argentina

Every tourist that comes to Buenos Aires will eventually eat at a café or restaurant in the city.  There are a few differences, both procedural and culturally, between restaurants in my home country, the United States, and Argentina that are helpful to know however. 1)    Please don’t wait to be seated – You know that […]

What is the “best” Parrilla (steakhouse) in Buenos Aires?

On our Buenos Aires food tours of parrillas (steakhouses) this is one most common questions we get.  Many people think it’s an easy question and we’ll immediately say that such and such parrilla is by far the best.  The truth is though; it’s not that easy since there is a variety of categories of them […]