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Seacat Ferry, the best ferry option from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay

08 Mar 2018 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Many visitors to Buenos Aires make a short side trip to the beautiful town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, usually just referred to as Colonia.  Most people just go to Colonia for the day as it can easily be done as a day trip.  To get to Colonia you cross the Rio de la Plata by […]

Where to buy leather products in Buenos Aires

15 Jun 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

  Most people instantly relate Argentina with great beef, leather, tango, wine and soccer; which is why one of the most common questions we get on our food tours is where to buy leather products in Buenos Aires.   The tradition of producing leather goods in Argentina originates from the gauchos which began crafting leather […]

The perfect escape to Colonia, Uruguay

20 Apr 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Until very recently I had quite mixed feelings about visiting Colonia, Uruguay.  Yes, it’s a beautiful and picturesque town just across the river from Buenos Aires, but in my previous visits to the town I had never strayed outside the historical district and found it a bit overly touristy and with limited things to do.  […]

Favorite Winery Visits in Mendoza

12 Mar 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Mendoza is one of my favorite destinations in Argentina.  Yes, there are lots of outdoors activities like hiking, rafting and horseback riding, but my favorite part is the amazing food and wine.  Mendoza is the main wine producing region in Argentina, and where most of the country’s famous Malbec comes from.  Like we wrote about […]

How to enjoy the Summer heat of Buenos Aires

27 Dec 2015 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

  Summertime is the busiest time for tourism in Buenos Aires.  It’s a great destination for sun lovers because the seasons are switched in the Southern Hemisphere making it an ideal escape from the cold winter in the North.  Buenos Aires does get quite hot and humid though, especially in December and January, so we […]

Best Summer Bars in Buenos Aires

Summer is an interesting season in Buenos Aires. As a reminder, here in the Southern Hemisphere the seasons are the opposite as in the North. During January Buenos Aires feels like a different city, with a huge percentage of the population away on vacation or taking time off of work. Towards the end of January […]

6 Reasons you must visit Buenos Aires now!

Buenos Aires is an amazing city and is unlike any other. I never think it’s fair to say it is the “Paris of South America,” because in my opinion it’s far more dynamic, young and creative than Paris, and really has its own strong personality. If you’ve never had the chance to visit Buenos Aires, […]

Overly Touristy Attractions in Buenos Aires and Our Recommended Alternatives!

08 Jan 2014 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

In any city there are certain areas and attractions that you probably don’t visit on a regular basis if you live there, but are seen as must-do’s when visiting the city.  I recently had some out of town friends visiting and spent a few days touring the city with them and visiting all the tourist […]

We Recommend– Biking Buenos Aires

04 Dec 2013 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Buenos Aires is a huge city, with so much to see, do and eat!  Besides doing one of our food tours to get oriented about the cuisine and dining customs of Argentina, another activity that I think every visitor to Buenos Aires must do, is a city tour.  There are countless options for doing a […]

Top Cocktail Bars in Buenos Aires

As in much of the world, cocktail bars have become popular in Buenos Aires in the past few years.  Historically the country has mainly stuck to drinking wine, beer or the basic cocktail of Fernet and coke, all of which pair well with a good steak.  Buenos Aires is however a perfect city for enjoying […]