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Top Cocktail Bars in Buenos Aires

As in much of the world, cocktail bars have become popular in Buenos Aires in the past few years.  Historically the country has mainly stuck to drinking wine, beer or the basic cocktail of Fernet and coke, all of which pair well with a good steak.  Buenos Aires is however a perfect city for enjoying […]

Best Cuts of Steak in Argentina

08 Jul 2013 / in Argentine Cuisine

Entering a parrilla steakhouse or carniceria (butcher) in Buenos Aires can be a little overwhelming if you are not accustomed to the wide selection of cuts (cortes) of meat available in Argentina.  On our food tours in Buenos Aires we’ll give you a lesson on what the cuts are, but here’s also an abbreviated guide to our favorite cuts of […]

Parrilla Tour featured on popular TV show Getaway!

02 Jul 2013 / in Press

Skip to 4:36 to see the Parrilla Tour food tour featured!

The Best Italian Restaurants in Buenos Aires

01 Jul 2013 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is a country made up of immigrants, largely from Italy and Spain.  Almost the instant you get off your plane you will notice this in the appearance and actions of Argentines.  This cultural heritage is heavily reflected in the cuisine of Argentina.  Besides being able to get one of the best steaks in the […]

Best Buenos Aires City Tours

26 Jun 2013 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Buenos Aires is an enormous city with centuries of history.  If you only have a few days here it can be a bit overwhelming since there is so much to see and do.  Similar to our steakhouse food tours, we think the best way to discover Buenos Aires is to do it with a local, […]

Best Dulce de Leche in Argentina

10 Jun 2013 / in Argentine Cuisine

Dulce de leche is a classic food of Argentina.  It is made by simmering milk and sugar at a low heat for several hours until it turns into a thick caramel-like sauce.  Argentines love dulce de leche and put it on almost everything!  Dulce de leche is a great souvenir to bring home since it […]

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires

24 May 2013 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is a country made up of European immigrants, mainly from Italy and Spain.  The food of Argentina is highly influenced by Italian and Spanish cuisine, so besides great steak, you’ll find wonderful pasta, tapas and pizza that were brought here by the immigrants.  A recent newspaper article reported that Buenos Aires actually has an […]

Best Wine Shops in Buenos Aires

20 May 2013 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

A bottle of a great Argentine wine makes a good gift or souvenir to bring home. A common questions we get from clients on our food tour here in Buenos Aires is where they can purchase a few bottles to take home and share with friends and family while telling them all about eating the […]

The Gaucho Inside Every Argentine

13 May 2013 / in Argentine Culture

A part of Argentine culture that I love and have never seen so universally in other countries is their love of the campo, the countryside.  Porteños, residents of Buenos Aires, are similar to residents of any large metropolis in that their lives are stressful and busy, but while the city is incredible in that it […]

The Best Neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to stay in

06 May 2013 / in Argentina Tourism

One of my favorite things about Buenos Aires is that the city has so many unique neighborhoods (barrios), each with its own style and vibe.  Officially the city has 48 separate neighborhoods, with the largest in size and population being the ever-popular Palermo, and the smallest being the oldest part of the city, San Telmo.  […]