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El Pinguinito, a part of Argentina’s wine history

06 Jun 2019 / in Argentine Culture

These peculiar ceramic penguins which visitors to Buenos Aires often see in restaurants across the city have been used by Argentines now for almost a century. The origin of the “Penguin” is believed to have arrived with the mass Italian immigration on the 1930’s along with a boom in the local production of wine and […]

Best Souvenirs from a trip to Argentina

02 May 2019 / in Argentine Culture

Bringing something home from a trip is a nice way to remember it.  The best souvenirs are objects that are truly special and unique to a country and that you can enjoy, like food and wine!  Here are some ideas from the Parrilla Tour team: Dulce de leche sauce – You are starting to see […]

Best Wine Bars in Buenos Aires – 2018 Edition

20 Sep 2018 / in buenos aires restaurants

Argentina is one of the biggest wine producers in the world, and Buenos Aires has a bustling food and drink scene, but until the past few years wine bars have not been a big thing here surprisingly.  Luckily for Porteños and visitors to Buenos Aires this is quickly changing with many fantastic wine bars now […]

Our Favorite Hotels in Mendoza

12 Mar 2018 / in Argentina Tourism

Mendoza is a wonderful side trip from Buenos Aires with amazing scenery and a thriving food and wine culture.  The easiest way to get to Mendoza is by plane, taking around 1.5 hours from Buenos Aires.  We recommend 3-4 days to take in Mendoza to be able to explore the different regions.  When planning a […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Ferry Options to get to Colonia, Uruguay

08 Mar 2018 / in Argentina Tourism

Colonia, Uruguay is a nice day trip from Buenos Aires.  In only an hour you escape the busy and sometimes chaotic city and arrive in a tranquil colonial town on the banks of the Río de la Plata.  We constantly get clients on our food tours in Buenos Aires that want to visit Colonia during […]

Seacat Ferry, the best ferry option from Buenos Aires to Colonia, Uruguay

08 Mar 2018 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Many visitors to Buenos Aires make a short side trip to the beautiful town of Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay, usually just referred to as Colonia.  Most people just go to Colonia for the day as it can easily be done as a day trip.  To get to Colonia you cross the Rio de la Plata by […]

Where to get good coffee in Buenos Aires – 2017 Edition

12 Jun 2017 / in buenos aires restaurants

Coffee is an integral part of Porteño life, with cafes on almost every corner of the city that are packed all day long with locals socializing over a cortado or simply watching the city pass by.  While glamorous old-school bares notables are very special to the city and highly recommended by us to visit during […]

Where to buy leather products in Buenos Aires

15 Jun 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

  Most people instantly relate Argentina with great beef, leather, tango, wine and soccer; which is why one of the most common questions we get on our food tours is where to buy leather products in Buenos Aires.   The tradition of producing leather goods in Argentina originates from the gauchos which began crafting leather […]

The perfect escape to Colonia, Uruguay

20 Apr 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Until very recently I had quite mixed feelings about visiting Colonia, Uruguay.  Yes, it’s a beautiful and picturesque town just across the river from Buenos Aires, but in my previous visits to the town I had never strayed outside the historical district and found it a bit overly touristy and with limited things to do.  […]

Favorite Winery Visits in Mendoza

12 Mar 2016 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Mendoza is one of my favorite destinations in Argentina.  Yes, there are lots of outdoors activities like hiking, rafting and horseback riding, but my favorite part is the amazing food and wine.  Mendoza is the main wine producing region in Argentina, and where most of the country’s famous Malbec comes from.  Like we wrote about […]