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Best Puerta Cerrada (closed door) Restaurants in Buenos Aires

22 Dec 2012 / in buenos aires restaurants

Besides wanting to visit authentic parrillas to eat a great steak, many people on our food tours here in Buenos Aires want to eat at a puerta cerrada (closed door restaurant in English) during their visit.  Seemingly everyday a new one opens in the city.  Like I’ve mentioned in other posts, I’ve had mixed results […]

Parrilla Tour Featured in Premier Traveler Magazine

29 Nov 2012 / in Press

Recipe for Salsa Criolla, a Traditional Argentine Sauce

24 Nov 2012 / in Argentine Cuisine

When grilling meat in Argentina, the only seasoning used at the time of cooking is coarse salt called sal parrillera.  If you do want a little bit of extra flavor with your meat, one of the most traditional condiments you’ll find at parrillas and asados throughout the country is salsa criolla, a fresh and flavorful […]

Making Restaurant Reservations in Buenos Aires

Porteños love to eat out.  It is seen as yet another reason to socialize and enjoy life.  A result of all of this eating out is that good restaurants are packed almost any day of the week, not just during the weekends, and getting a table can become frustratingly difficult.  For this reason I usually […]

How to get to Mendoza from Buenos Aires

05 Nov 2012 / in Argentina Tourism

Mendoza is a popular side trip from Buenos Aires when visiting Argentina.  Most people go to since it is the center of the booming Argentine wine industry and has hundreds of wineries to visit and taste wine at.  Mendoza is located almost directly west of Buenos Aires at the base of the Andes Mountains.  There […]

The People of Buenos Aires Parrillas

15 Oct 2012 / in Argentine Culture

Authentic parrillas are a sort of community center in Argentina.  One of my favorite parts of them besides the food is the people watching and socializing that they present.  On our food tours of parrillas we only go to older ones that are neighborhood institutions at this point.  Since I lead most of the tours, […]

Street Food in Buenos Aires

Unlike many parts of the world, Argentina does not have much in the ways of a street food culture.  Dining in Argentina is much more about sitting down, relaxing, and taking a break than eating on the go.  Also, most of the country’s traditional foods are such that they don’t lend themselves to eating without […]

Parrilla Tour on Honest Cooking

25 Sep 2012 / in Argentina Tourism, Press

We were very happy to have a review of Parrilla Tour Buenos Aires featured on the popular food blog Honest Cooking.  The site was named the Best Food Blog in 2012 by Saveur Magazine. The author of the article wrote that “Overall I’m not sure what the best part of the walking tour was.  Getting […]

Quilmes: The Beer of Argentina

Argentine is famous internationally for its wine, especially the Malbec varietal.  After wine however, beer (cerveza) is the most drunk alcoholic beverage in Argentina.  Quilmes is by far the largest brewery in the country, accounting for around 75% of all beer sales.  The brewery was founded in 1888 by German immigrant Otto Bemberg in the […]

Colonia, Uruguay Tips and Advice

10 Sep 2012 / in Argentina Tourism, Things to do

Many people that visit Buenos Aires decide to take a side trip to Colonia de Sacramento, Uruguay, a small colonial city just a short ferry ride across the river from Argentina.  On our food tours I’m commonly asked if I recommend the city and I always say both yes and no!  The town is a […]