Best Souvenirs from a trip to Argentina

Bringing something home from a trip is a nice way to remember it.  The best souvenirs are objects that are truly special and unique to a country and that you can enjoy, like food and wine!  Here are some ideas from the Parrilla Tour team:

Dulce de leche sauce – You are starting to see dulce de leche exported from Argentina, but only the massive brands.  Pick up a bottle of artisanal dulce de leche, our favorite is Chimbote brand, and enjoy it in desserts made at home.  There are several speciality dulce de leche stores around the city including in the Mercado de San Telmo selling this brand.

Wine – Similar to dulce de leche sauce you can easily find Argentine wine in supermarkets and wine shops outside the country, but did you know that the top 4 wineries in the country make up more than half the total exports?  That leaves 2000+ wineries that are super hard or impossible to find outside of Argentina.  Go to a wine tasting or great wine shop in Buenos Aires (or Mendoza if you can) and get a couple bottles to take home.  Make sure to let the wine rest a couple weeks before drinking after flying.

Leather BKF Butterfly Chair – The BKF chair (often called a butterfly chair) was designed by 3 Argentine architects and the best versions of it still come from small furniture workshops in Argentina.  We love the polo leather BKF chairs crafted by BIG BKF in Buenos Aires.  Luckily they offer free international shipping so all you have to do is decide what color you want and what room to put it in!

Custom made leather shoes – Nowhere in the world will you get better quality for the price leather shoes than in Buenos Aires.  Our personal favorites are made by Calzados Correa in the neighborhood of Almagro.  They take a few days to be made, so go right away after arriving to Buenos Aires.